About EBS

"Through engendering innovative ideas/ solutions, we help clients in implementing their growth strategies for their financial as well as technology needs"


Who We Are

Established in 2007 and restructured in 2013 with a vision to be a multi-disciplinary consulting firm and specialist outsourcing solution provider.Help achieve the optimal IT estate, create opportunities for business growth and lower total cost of ownership (TCO)...

EBS emerged into consulting business arena as a result of teaming of high profile, motivated, visionary and focused industry specialists with a single point agenda to introduce best-of-class innovative consulting and outsourcing services.

We are a scalable organization, able to react promptly and successfully to any project regardless of size or complexity and committed to provide quality consulting that creates a real partnership with our client’s.

No matter how big scope of the project is or how difficult the challenges are, each member of EBS team commits to provide the quality consulting that make us a true partner in client’s success. This is possible only because of our structured processes, commitment to follow industry best practices and strict compliance to quality standards.

As a customer centric organization, our aim is to build a long-term relationship with our customers. We focus on people, process, and technology to ensure that our customers capture the benefits of any solution implemented to maximize the return on investment.

Corporate Vision

“Be a transparent, professional, transparent, most respected and sought-after consulting company”.


Mission Statement

Provide value-driven results to our:

  • Clients – by offering value added and cost effective solutions/ services to improve our clients’ performance
  • Employees – by committing to personal growth within a stable and rewarding working environment
  • Industry – by improving existing practices; identify new means, methods and technologies for industry professionals to follow
  • Community – by seeking opportunities to work for worthy causes within our communities
  • Environment – by implementing conscience minded decisions to mitigate the impact of the built environment
  • Alliance Partners – by creating opportunities for our alliance partners to growth along with us.

To be the most respected global consulting company

We firmly belief that EBS will become the “Most Respected Consulting Company”; Focused strategy, structured processes and quality control processes enable EBS to provide practical and innovative solutions that help customers to achieve their business objectives. We constantly raise our performance bar to stay ahead in the fierce competition

To be a customer centric company

“Customer Comes First”. This is our foundation principle of EBS delivery model. Our practical, innovative solutions, and real-time collaboration/ teamwork between EBS consultants and client workers, bring successes. By success, we mean increase in profitability in the client business. We believe in knowledge sharing/ team-work and shouldering our responsibility for implementing solutions.

To bring value creation

We commit to our stakeholders to bring value to their investment in the Company. Likewise each of our team members (consultants/ subject matter specialists) also commit to value time, achieve high value objectives, produce practical/ innovative solutions and promise to keep them in every way possible.

To promote professionalism

EBS professionals are meticulous; adhere to undeviating courtesy, honesty and responsibility in all dealings with customers and associates. Their level of excellence goes over and above the commercial considerations and legal requirements. We firmly believe that professionalism is not about job title or self-proclaimed worth or self-perception. Professionalism is about personal ethics, quality work and a quality attitude.

EBS Core Values

  • Governance – To fulfill our commitment for building a healthier, stronger and sturdy company for future generations, protect EBS brand and stakeholders interests, developing our people and help improve communities and the global environment
  • Integrity – Being ethically unyielding and honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions
  • Team – To attract, develop and retain the eminent talent for our business, challenge ourselves; demonstrate “can do” attitude and nurturing a collaborative and mutually supportive environment
  • Value Creation – Enable clients to be “a high-profiled business”; create long-term relationships by being responsive and relevant and by consistently delivering value
  • Human Respect – Value diversity and unique contributions, fostering a trusting, open and inclusive environment and treating each person in a manner that reflects EBS’s values.

EBS Business Philosophy

  • We are highly selective, customer centric, quality conscious, professional organization and do not compromise on barely meeting customer expectations
  • We firmly believe in self-imposed quality standards practice/ promoting ethical practices, sincere/ transparent dealings are attempts to bring a change in the society; and
  • Our objective is to be transaction-oriented, earning trust and respect.


  • EBS believes in continuous improvement
  • Assured 24x7x365 services, changing time zone do not affect our services
  • Assured savings in management of support costs
  • Pro-Active on-going cost reviews and adjustments
  • Lower cost and higher value provided
  • Pro-active support model
  • Engagement Managers dedicated to customer satisfaction.
  • Quick ramp up of skills when needed
  • Specialized skills as required
  • Flexibility in adding / reducing support depending on conditions
  • Provide innovative and smart consulting to help client achieve efficiencies and achieve cost savings
  • Follow industry best practices

How We Work

EBS organizational hierarchy comprised of the following:

  • EBS Technical Advisory Board – EBS Technical Advisory Board works as a top tier body. It comprised of seasoned industry experts having vast international exposure in their related fields. The Board issue advises on technical issues and problems posted on it by Consultants/ SMEs.
  • EBS Subject Matter Experts “SME” – They work as a local think-tank for EBS clientele; they work along with local consultants evaluate business processes and information of the client and suggest re-engineering of business processes to make them effective and remove redundant processes if any; and
  • EBS Consultants – They serve as a primary contact for clients and are responsible for gathering in depth knowledge of clients’ business process and other relevant information and document the whole system.